Macro Recorder

A macro recorder is a software application that records user actions - mouse clicks and keyboard strokes - to be replayed later.

Many software applications, such as word processors, plain-text editors and spreadsheet apps, come with built-in macro recorders, but in most cases you need a standalone macro recorder to record/replay repetitive tasks.

Macro recorder

Macro Recorder is, no doubt, a friendly tool that helps you automate your computer related repetitive tasks by simply creating time-saving macros. There are many options available to let you record, edit and replay the mouse activities (clicks & movements) for Windows-compatible Computers. You are always at ease to launch recorded macros, when and if required.

Whether you are copy-pasting data in spreadsheet or performing some OS Maintenance, a Macro Recorder would allow you automate all such activities in respective software applications. A Single Keystroke will let you reduce 'Load of Repetitive Tasks'.

Process Automated, Success Rated

Macro Recorder acts like a tape-recorder. You can play the recorded data anytime. Likewise, mouse clicks are also recorded, saved, and played back. By doing this, you simply automate the process. In this way, the repetitive sequences of mouse activities are automated. Furthermore, some macro recorders can export the recorded macros as standalone EXE files. This compilation offers an added advantage because you work much faster with less effort.

Features of a standalone Macro Recorder:

Things to keep in mind when choosing a macro recorder:

  1.  Does it record Keyboard Strokes efficiently? 
  2.  Are the Mouse Actions (Clicks & Movements) recorded accordingly? 
  3.  Does it offer some way of 'Smart' mouse recording or it simply records the absolute coordinates?
  4.  Are the editable Script files Compiled to EXE-files?
  5.  Does it have a Built-in macro editor?
  6.  Does it allow custom commands like "open file", "shutdown" "launch website", etc?
  7.  Does it allow conditional statements like "If-Then" etc?
  8.  Can you trigger macros with system events?

When using a macro recorder

  •  Reliability is increased
  •  Efficiency is enhanced
  •  Productivity is doubled

Automate Your Business

In the era of IT, when Automation has turned to be the most desirous thing, Macro Recorder is adding 'Colors of Ease & Efficiency'. It is simply a Digital Revolution in the domains of Record Keeping. No bit is ignored, and no byte stays under cover. Things are crystal clear, and nothing remains hidden. Like one-window operation, it is one-click operation. All you need is to Define a Hot-Key, and speed up each process. Now the control is in your hands. No need to remember passwords, URLs of favorite websites, and  important information over and over again.